Waste Management Monitoring System

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Customer’s Needs / Wasteflont Solutions

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Our Waste management monitoring system can offer you many ways of saving you money. To find out please call us today and we’ll answer any questions you have about our Waste management monitoring system.

  1. LOWER COST: Less frequent pick-ups result in a net reduction of hauls charged to the customer thus lowering collection and disposal bills.
  2. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY: Eliminate the need to monitor compactors usage and time spent estimating schedules.
  3. IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: By maximizing the potential capacity of the compactor every time, the customer makes sure to get the most performance from the compactor and support equipment.
  4. MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORTS: With our monthly report customers can confirm from their hauler to ensure that they are getting charged for pick-ups that were made. We will also guard against loads that were not completely emptied, unauthorized pick-ups, unauthorized usage, and will be able to help coordinate maintenance of the compactor.
  5. KNOWLEDGEABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION: As a waste consultant we assist in evaluating waste related problems. For example, we can assist in improving recycling efforts and help in finding outlets for our customers recycling needs. This helps to reduce total overall waste ouput, therefore helping to extend the life of our countries landfills.
  6. POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: In addition to consulting to improve recycling efforts, Wasteflont system will reduce and minimize the frequency of pick-ups needed thus helping reduce the pollution factor from truck emissions while saving our natural resources such as fuel.
  7. FREE TEST AND ANALYSIS: At no cost to the customer, we prove how effective we can be.
  8. IMMEDIATE SAVINGS: No equipment to buy or maintain, no installation or connection fee’s, no additional operational training expenses, and Wasteflont fee can be paid for out of the savings created through the use of our services, guaranteed.

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