Waste Monitoring Solution

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Cut Your Waste Costs in Half!

Compactor Monitoring system

How We Detect True Fullness

Waste Monitoring System Benefits

The Wasteflo Solution is the dominant Compactor Monitoring system technology that reduces waste compactor pick-up frequency. A minor investment into our technology dramatically reduces the more significant costs that go into your waste management overhead. Additional benefits include: ♦ Capital Investment: No risk or upfront costs
♦ Peace of Mind: One less worry for management
♦ Immediate Impact: No delay, you save the first month
♦ Lower Costs: Consistently full compactors cost less
♦ Check & Balance: Documented backup and tracking of all pickups
♦ Environmental Impact: Fewer trips equate to less traffic, fuel, and pollution 
♦ Greater Efficiency: Employees no longer waste time supervising a non-productive activity

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