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Saving Bottom line dollars the easy way

Mike Riley 11/2017


Saving bottom line dollars the easy way. Have you ever wanted to decrease the amount you have to pay to your waste hauling company or how to increase your recycling dollars from your cardboard compactor? Here is a easy solution it's called electronic monitoring, it's like having a inside look of your compactor to determine it's fullness whether it be trash for the landfill or cardboard to recycle, either way it's a win-win. The savings from this electronic monitoring device will save you better than 50% of what you currently paying for the services from your waste hauler. In no way does this process effect your contract you have with the waste hauling company, it just levels the playing field. Here's a couple of questions to ask yourself: How many times per month are you charged for pick-ups? How much do you pay per pick-up? Has your waste hauler every told you that your compactor was only half full when he brings it back from the landfill so he's only charge you half of his normal fee? Here is my true life story using this patented electronic monitoring. I worked in a food manufacturing plant, waste hauling was done by the city monopoly and we worked 24/7 and the city would just show up 17 times per month and the cost for each pick-up was $432.00=($7344.00) and we thought that was normal since we had paid for this service at this rate for years. Well, I was introduced to this new electronic technology and two dramatic things happened. Instead of the city just showing up to pick up our 35 yard self contained compactor 17 times per month we decreased it to 6 times which resulted in a savings of $4752.00 per month or $57,024 per year in bottom line savings. How did we get there you might ask. The monitoring company took charge of monitoring our compactor 24/7 and they called the city when the compactor was 95% full. That is the key how to reap the savings because it's impossible to determine with the naked eye, or a light beam, or a light, or worst yet a hydraulic gauge which only measures hydraulic pressure. Electronic monitoring measures the resistance of the motor. You might ask what does this cost? Well this is how we help our potential clients. We first install our cellular monitoring device and perform a free test for 30 days to first determine if we can help save you money, for the next 30 days we take charge of calling your waste hauler for a pick-up when the compactor is 95% full then we share the information with you to determine what your cost savings could be, if you are satisfied with the results and would like to continue savings money with our monitoring we ask for a percentage of the savings. In our case we agreed to pay the monitoring company per month the cost of 1 pick-up which amounted to $5,184 per year but your net savings for the year amounted to $88,128 which was true bottom line savings just on hauling trash. If you were into recycling cardboard using a self-contained compactor you could use the same concept to maximize the compactor before it leaves for recycling thus more recycling dollars based on tonnage. check us out at then let me know if you would like us to help you save easy money or increase your recycling $$

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